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Associate Director for Security and Emergency Response


Security and Emergency Response (SER) services are dedicated to supporting the NIH’s biomedical research goal, by providing a safe work environment for the NIH employees, visitors, research and facilities. The services within SER are: Emergency Preparedness and Coordination, Police, Fire/Rescue/Hazmat, Fire Marshal, and Physical Security Management. The Associate Director works with the divisions to plan, direct, coordinate and evaluate all functions of SER to ensure a comprehensive protection and security program for NIH. Security and life safety policy and operations are developed through consultation and coordination with the SER Division Directors.

What We Do

  • Oversee security and life safety operations at all NIH facilities
  • Coordinate security/life safety planning
  • Assess facility security and life safety
  • Identify potential security technologies and practices
  • Conduct vulnerability assessments
  • Act as liaison with appropriate federal, state and local entities relevant to the security and public safety of the NIH
  • Verify personal identity
  • Conduct personal security investigations
  • Authorize facility access
  • Issue ID badges for NIH personnel​


 To obtain further information, please contact:

Associate Director for Security and Emergency Response

Office of Research Services

National Institutes of Health

Building 31, Room 5C02 

Phone: (301) 496-6893 |  TTY: (301) 435-1908

Fax: (301) 480-3560