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DPSM oversees the installation of all security barriers at NIH facilities
Security Installations
DPSM ensures all NIH facilities meet physical security requirements as outlined by federal regulations and Executive Orders
Security Requirements
DPSM coordinates regular and ongoing risk assessment exercises to identify both new and potential threats and appropriate mitigation strategies
Security Risk Assessments
DPSM manages multiple physical security systems to protect NIH facilities and its workforce
Security Systems


​​​To ensure all NIH facilities are protected against current and emerging threats by balancing high-quality, cost-efficient yet effective security systems and operations with federal mandates. Collaborating in this effort with the NIH community, we strive to achieve optimum results for a safe environment that promotes the mission and goals of the NIH.

​The Division of Physical Security Management (DPSM) was established to ensure that physical and engineering security initiatives at all NIH facilities work in concert with the Security and Emergency Response (SER) Divisions to provide the most secure environment possible for the NIH community. The DPSM is responsible for verifying that all NIH facilities, owned or leased, are compliant with federally mandated physical security requirements and that approved security systems mitigate both current and emerging threats. DPSM ensures that security is an integral part of the planning and design for all construction/renovation projects. Our team coordinates security systems and equipment installation and operations at all NIH owned and leased facilities.

Physical security systems include but are not limited to access control devices such as card readers, biometric devices, security lighting, electronic surveillance and video recording systems, intrusion detection, blast mitigation techniques, pedestrian and vehicle barriers, facility and perimeter protection measures and other specialized sec​urity systems.

What We Do

Physical Security & Design Documents

Physical Security & Design Documents

  • Establish and maintain all NIH physical security related policies and design requirements
  • Review construction & renovation design documents for physical security requi​rements​​​
Compliance & Recommendations

Compliance & Recommendations

  • Host facility security committees
  • Research both existing and new physical security technologies
  • Provide risk management and systems training for physical security
Manage Projects & Conduct Assessments

Manage Projects & Conduct Assessments

  • ​Conduct facility security assessments
  • Provide project management and procurement support for physical security-related items and services
  • Oversee inst​​allations