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Division of Physical Security Management

Contact Information

John Petersen
DPSM Director

Division of Physical Security Management
Office of Research Services
National Institutes of Health
Phone: (301) 443-7287
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Division of Physical Security Management (DPSM)

The Division of Physical Security Management was established to ensure that physical and engineering security initiatives at all NIH facilities work in concert with the NIH operational security program to provide the most secure environment possible for the NIH. This includes electronic security, surveillance systems, and locks.

What We Do

  • Develop, review and manage the physical security requirements at all NIH facilities
  • Conduct security assessments
  • Review proposed new construction and renovation projects for security concerns


Photography, Filming, and Video Recording at NIH

Individuals may take photographs, films or videos, for personal or news purposes on the grounds of the NIH controlled properties to include entrances, lobbies, foyers, corridors, and auditoriums in use for public meetings, except when contrary to security regulations or signs as indicated in this document Download Free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this PDF file.