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Office of Research Services

Serving the NIH Community

Organizational Information

Originally founded in 1956 as the Division of Research Services, the Office of Research Services (ORS) has evolved from a small office providing limited resources exclusively to NIH employees into a 1,971-person organization delivering hundreds of products and​​​ services to ​a myriad of partners.

Today, ORS services directly and indirectly impact organizations and people across the entire NIH including: scientific and administrative support staff; patients and volunteers; visitors, contractors and vendors; public transportation and other municipal service providers; external government organizations and entities such as regulatory agencies, federal, state, and local governments; and the surrounding neighborhood and business community. ​

​The complex and diverse organizational structure of ORS allows us to effectively support new scientific challenges to further the NIH mission, strengthen the unique NIH research environment, and enhance​​ the quality of life for all who engage with the NIH.​​



About the Office of Research Services​​