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​​Contact NIH Police

Bethesda, MD- Main Campus

On Campus: (301) 496-9911
Campus Phone: 911

On Campus:(301) 496-5685
Campus Phone: ​311

NIH Police Office
Building 31, Room B3B17
31 Center Drive MSC 2012
Bethesda, Maryland 20892-2012
Phone: 301-496-2387
Fax: 301-402-0394

Contact Information

Building 31, Room B3B17
31 Center Drive MSC 2012
Bethesda, Maryland 20892-2012
Phone: 301-496-2387
Non-Emergency Calls 311 (do not dial 9 first) or 9-301-496-5685
Fax: 301-402-0394​

Major Pamela Datcher
Police Operations Branch


Police Patrol


NIH Police Patrol

It is the mission of the National Institutes of Health, Division of Police to protect our Country’s national treasure of scientific research, and the NIH research community.  The police are to ensure the mission of NIH is not impeded, and to guard against personal attacks, loss of assets, criminal activity, and acts of terrorism.
The Division of Police consists of ninety-six officers, seventy-three of which are assigned as Patrol Officers.  This unit is made up of Supervisors, Managers, K-9 Officers and patrol officers.  Two of the K-9 Officers as well as a team of other Officers are assigned to the Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML) in Hamilton, Montana.  K-9 Officers and other Officers are assigned tok91.JPG patrol the NIH, National Cancer Institute property at Fort Detrick, Maryland.  Some selected Patrol Officers have additional and collateral responsibilities to include, Hazmat and Special Response Team Members, Hostage Negotiation Team Members, Special Projects Officer, Court Liaison Officer, Traffic Officer, Clinical Center Safety Committee Members, Intelligence Officers, Honor Guard Members, Training Committee Members, and Training-Firearms Safety Officers or Instructors.  Patrol Officers provide safety to the stated NIH locations and communities continuously all day, every day.
The patrol officers detect, deter, and guard against personal attacks, loss of assets, criminal activity and acts of terrorism by their high visibility, observations, inspections at and physical security of the vehicular and pedestrian accesses to those NIH locations.  impala3.JPGOfficers ensure that persons accessing designated areas have the appropriate identification with authorization, and the stationary electronic security devises remain functioning.  Officers patrol the buildings and areas on foot or in marked emergency police vehicles. Traffic citations are issued and criminal arrests are made.  Hazardous conditions such as roads, walkways, lighting, traffic control devices and signage defects are detected and corrections initiated.  Patrol officers conduct preliminary investigations and document criminal incidents, police and intelligence information, lost or found property, breaches of security and sensitive information, motor vehicle accidents, and injured persons.  Patrol officers respond to and take appropriate police action at intrusion and other sounded alarms to select agent, irradiator, and classified information areas.  Officers control traffic and motorists are assisted as needed with directions, and vehicle malfunctions.  Motorist, bicyclist, and pedestrians are educated on traffic safety to include changes in traffic law. Officers provide personal escorts of Dignitaries visiting NIH, pedestrian employees’ afterhours, patients and families to and from the Children’s Inn and Family Lodge, and Hazardous Materials to designated locations.  Other Federal, State, or Local are assisted with Criminal and Civil services, traffic control and direction surrounding NIH areas, and personal protection of visiting Dignitaries.
For more information concerning Patrol Officers, contact The Division of Police at 301-496-2387.