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Administrative Staff
When to Send a Case to DIS

DIS is responsible for verifying that foreign national scientists placed at NIH are lawfully admitted to the United States and authorized to participate in proposed research activities.

To initiate or extend a foreign national scientist's time at NIH, administrative staff must submit a case, also known as a package or request, for DIS approval. You must send DIS a case even if the scientist is already inside of the United States with valid work authorization.

DIS provides Case Preparation guidance (checklists, processing times, selecting NIH designation and start date) on our website. Case checklists are organized by NIH designation and list specific document requirements based on visa type.

Case submission to DIS is not required for the following:

Contract Worker

The scientist will be a contract worker. Documentation must still be submitted to DIS for NIH ID badge validation. Refer to our guidance on obtaining .

Delegate Program Visitor

The scientist will be routed through the Delegate Program. She must be eligible for B-1 or WB status and will stay at NIH for fewer than 90 days. Documentation submission to DIS is only required if a NIH ID badge is requested on their behalf. Refer to our guidance on the B-1/WB Delegate Program.

Permanent Resident/U.S. Citizen

The scientist is a U.S. permanent resident (green card holder) or U.S. citizen.

Revised 05/2020

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