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Administrative Staff
Departure of Scientists from the NIH Visiting Program 

When a new foreign national scientist arrives at NIH, DIS issues a Notice of Action (NOA) which lists the scientist's approved start and not-to-exceed (NTE) date. If the scientist extends their stay at NIH, DIS will issue an NOA with an updated NTE date. If the scientist departs NIH prior to the listed NTE date on their most recent NOA, DIS must take actions to end the scientist's participation in the Visiting Program and to alert the appropriate government agencies.

Institute/Center (IC) administrative staff are required to submit Form 829-5 Termination Notice to DIS at least two weeks before the scientist's last day at NIH, except in the following circumstances.

Submission of the Form 829-5 to DIS is not required if:

  • The scientist remains at NIH but changes designation (e.g. Visiting Fellow to Research Fellow),
  • The scientist transfers lab/branch within NIH,
  • A termination action has already been approved in NBS FPS,
  • The scientist was hosted by the B-1/WB Delegate Program, or
  • The scientist will leave NIH on the NTE date listed on the most recent NOA

Notify DIS whenever a scientist in the Visiting Program obtains U.S. Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) status (a green card). Please submit a copy of the green card to DIS when this occurs, as we need to authorize the scientist's conversion out of the Visiting Program.

If an IC wishes to end a foreign national scientist's Visiting Program earlier than the NTE date listed on the most recent NOA, consult the NIH Office of Intramural Research (OIR) Sourcebook's early termination guidelines to handle the early departure appropriately.

Please refer scientists departing NIH to DIS Guidance on Leaving NIH.

Revised 03/2019

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