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Division of International Services


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Administrative Staff
International Patient Services (IPS)

The NIH Clinical Center is the nation's clinical research hospital. It conducts clinical research that involves research volunteers selected by Clinical Center physicians. On occasion, NIH accepts international patients as clinical research volunteers. Research volunteers arriving from abroad will need to obtain a B-2 Temporary Visitor visa prior to entering the United States for medical treatment.

The DIS International Patient Services Team provides support to the international research volunteers that are referred to DIS by the Clinical Center Social Work Department. This includes providing expertise and resources for initial entry to the United States and maintenance of status after arrival. After the referral from the Clinical Center Social Work Department, DIS will assist with the extension process to ensure that research volunteers and their caregivers can remain in the United States beyond the current end date on the Form I-94 to complete their course of treatment.

For guidance on clinical protocol enrollment at NIH, visit the clinical trial recruitment website.

For additional information on applying for a B-2 visa and entering the United States to participate in a clinical protocol, please visit the Clinical Center visa Information website.

To contact the DIS International Patient Services Team, please e-mail


Revised 10/2019

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