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Badge Guidance for Administrative Staff

The Division of International Services (DIS) is responsible for verifying that all foreign nationals are conducting activities at NIH that are appropriate for their immigration status.

After the Administrative Officer (AO) sponsors a foreign national for a badge in the NIH Enterprise Directory (NED), DIS must validate the foreign national's work status before the badge process can continue. After DIS validation, the badge is routed to the Division of Personnel Security and Access Control (DPSAC).

DPSAC offers a Badge Process Overview outlining steps for scientists new to NIH.

Questions about background investigations or badge issuance after DIS validation? Contact the DPSAC team.

Questions about entering or updating information in NED? Contact the NED team.

NIH Visiting Program (VP) Participants

For NIH Visiting Program participants (e.g. Visiting Fellow or Research Fellow) who are new to NIH, DIS validates the badge request as a part of the foreign national's check-in session or entry-on-duty appointment with our office. DIS also updates NED for Visiting Program participants as a part of renewal case processing.        

Changes in Designation         

To change a foreign national from a non-FTE to an FTE designation (e.g. Visiting Fellow to Research Fellow), NIH administrative staff should use the "update" function in NED. This step will notify DPSAC of the change, and if needed, they will initiate a background investigation for the FTE position. Do not modify the EOD date, doing so will deactivate the current badge. Change to an FTE designation will effectively freeze the Fellowship Payment System (FPS) record for that individual; no further FPS modifications will be allowed. Contact your FPS HPOC with any questions.        

RLA to PIV Conversion

Contact the DPSAC team. If badge revalidation is required, notify DIS and provide the NIH ID number. 

Contractors, Tenants, Volunteers

Individuals designated as NIH Contractors, Tenants, or Volunteers must provide proof of immigration status to DIS for badge validation. Contractors must also provide proof of work authorization.     

Documentation requirements and submission guidance can be found on our Contractor Badges webpage. 

Delegate Program Visitors

Short-term foreign national visitors (less than 90 days) at NIH who are routed via the B-1/WB Delegate Program may be eligible for DIS badge validation. Only DIS-authorized Delegates may submit required documentation to via the Secure Email File Transfer Service (SEFT).     

If you are seeking a badge for NIH network access purposes only, please consult your IC Chief Information Officer (CIO) and do not send DIS a badge validation request. NIH badges are expensive and processing times are lengthy. Consider the alternative options below:    

Permanent Residents and U.S. Citizens

DIS does not provide badge validation for U.S. Permanent Residents (green card holders) or U.S. Citizens. DIS does not need to be updated or need documents when an individual becomes a U.S. citizen through the naturalization process. Contact the NED team to correct any citizenship errors in NED.       

However, please notify DIS whenever a scientist in the Visiting Program obtains U.S. Permanent Resident status. Update NED and submit a copy of the green card to DIS when this occurs.       

State Sponsors of Terrorism

Since 2011, any foreign national from a country declared as a state sponsor of terrorism by the Department of State (DOS) must obtain pre-clearance from the Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of National Security before visiting NIH. The DOS website lists currently designated state sponsors of terrorism.        

Questions related to pre-clearance should be directed to the NIH Police at or via fax to 301-451-8488, "Attention: Guard Force Operations Branch."       

Steps for Pre-Clearance       

  1. Determine whether or not the visitor is a U.S. Permanent Resident (with a green card) or a U.S. Citizen. If so, no pre-clearance is necessary.
  2. For Visitors from a designated state sponsor of terrorism, NIH administrative staff must submit a completed Foreign Visitor Data Request Form to HHS at least 10 business days in advance of the visit via encrypted email to or via fax to 301-451-8488, "Attention: Guard Force Operations Branch."
  3. HHS will review the request and contact NIH Police to confirm approval/disapproval or to request additional information.
  4. NIH Police will notify the NIH host of HHS approval/disapproval.
  5. The NIH host must meet the visitor at the Gateway Center or the appropriate NIH entrance, and the visitor may need an escort while at the NIH facility.
Scientists Outside the U.S.

DIS does not validate NED records for individuals stationed overseas.     

To request network access for an individual outside the U.S., direct questions to your IC Executive Officer or Chief Information Officer.     

Revised 02/2023​

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