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Specialized Courses

​Specialized courses are available for individuals who may encounter radioactive material in the workplace as ancillaries, such as patient care personnel, firefighters, animal studies personnel, engineering staff,​ public safety personnel, housekeeping staff, and more. 

Specialized Courses​

Specialized courses are tailored to the specific needs of each occupational group and are designed to inform personnel of work-related radiation hazards and appropriate precautions. These sessions are typically held in-person and last about an hour (or as long as needed). There is no regular schedule for these courses; rather, they are conducted on an ad hoc basis. ​

If your work description is not listed below, please call DRS at (301) 496-5774 for assistance in determining if you need specialized training. ​NIH credentials are required to view all training modules listed below. 

​Patient Care Personnel (Nurses)
Radiation Safety for Clinical Center Nurses
​I-131 Therapy Nurses
​Radiation Safety for Oral Therapy​
​Animal Studies Personnel
Radiation Safety for Animal Studies Personnel
​Clinical/Medical Researchers
​Specialized Courses as required (see Clinical Center Employees)
​Patient Care and Animal Personnel X-ray
Radiation Safety for Patient Care and Animal Personnel X-ray Users
​Shielded X-ray Unit
​Radiation Safety for Shielded X-ray Unit Users
​Irradiators/Sealed Sources
Radiation Safety for Irradiator Users plus additional training from Irradiator Custodian
​Student/Stay-in-School (SiS)
​Radiation Safety in the La​boratory; Radiation Safety Orientation

Contractor/Maintenance Service Personnel

​Radiation Safety for Contractors and Maintenance Personnel
​Radiation Safety for Housekeeping Personnel
Police/​Security Personnel
Radiation Safety for Security Personnel
​Fire Fighters
Radiation Safety for Fire Fighters
​Patient Services
Radiation Safety for Patient Services Personnel​