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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​T​he NIH Radiation ​​Safety Training Program is comprised of a number of courses and many specialized training tailored to the specific needs of certain occupational groups, as well as periodic refresher training for radioactive material users and support personnel who may, occasionally, frequent a restricted area.

The NIH Radiation Safety Program requires that all individuals working with radioactive sources receive entry level radiation safety training as well as periodic refresher training. Note that many of the training items pertain to circumstances and license conditions specific to the NIH; therefore, it may not be assumed that this initial instruction has been adequately covered by prior radiation safety training at another institution. ​​​

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Researchers & Radiation Workers
Researchers & Radiation Workers

​​DRS provides a variety of training to assist researchers and radiation workers in performing research safely, effectively, and in accordance with applicable regulations, procedures, and best practices.

Clinical Center Employees
Clinical Center Employees

​DRS offers training for Clinical Center employees who may encounter radioactive materials and radiation-emitting devices in the diagnosis and treatment of patients.

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General NIH Staff
General NIH Staff

​​DRS trains employees who may encounter radiation and/or radioactive materials while performing ancillary duties, including patient care, animal studies, public safety, housekeeping, and various other roles at the NIH.

Radiation Safety Routine Training

​​​​Standard online courses that are routinely completed by radiation workers at NIH include Radiation Safety in the Laboratory (RSL), Radiation Safety for Authorized Users (RSAU), Radiation Safety for Irradiator Users (RSIU), and Refresher Training (REF). New users may register with DRS to learn more about routine mandatory classes while radiation safety refresher training modules​ are available for current and returning users​.

Orientation Course and Training Materials

​​The Radiation Safety Orientation Course is tailored for visitors to NIH posted labs and minors working in posted labs who do not intend to use radioactive material. Learn more​

Specialized Courses

​​Specialized training sessions are given for certain occupational groups whose duties may require them to work in the vicinity of radioactive materials. Typically, these groups include firefighters, security, police, instrument repair staff, maintenance and engineering staff, transportation personnel, animal care personnel, irradiator users, Operating Room staffs, Intensive Care Unit staffs, housekeeping staff, patient-care personnel for patients who have received a procedure involving radioactive material, clinical laboratory staff who may be handling specimens from patients given radioactive drugs, and others. ​​Learn more