Message from the Director

ORS DirectorOffice of Research Services (ORS) is often the first touch-point for employees, researchers, patients and visitors at the National Institutes of Health. We are the police, the immigration specialists, the animal caretakers, the security guards, the shuttle drivers, the food service workers, and much more. We are the people who clear the way so NIH’s mission can move forward seamlessly. Our programs and services keep the NIH community safe, facilitate critical biomedical research and discovery, and encourage employee wellness and work/life balance. When we are successful, our work goes unnoticed because everything goes as expected – hazards are removed and fires are prevented, radiation exposure is monitored, mail is quickly delivered, and workplace accidents are prevented. All across NIH, you will find ORS staff making the agency mission come alive and ensuring everyone has a safe and positive experience at NIH.

In the pages that follow are a few accomplishments in 2017 that demonstrate our successes and the ways we partner with the NIH research community to advance human health.

Please visit our website to keep to do date on ORS Sevices.

Timothy J. Tosten, MPA
Acting Director, Office of Research Services

Office of Research Services
ORS provides responsive and dependable support to the NIH research mission by planning, directing, and delivering scientific and regulatory activities, public safety, security, and services to enrich the NIH community.
ORS is an organization that seamlessly delivers on its mission, the first time and every time, exceeding expectations, and evolving with changing requirements. We are the standard by which similar service providers are measured.
Customer Focus
We exist to serve and protect our customers. We deliver equitable, reliable, and trustworthy products and services that are responsive to customer needs and respect the customer’s point of view.
We are committed to providing quality services and products to aid NIH in achieving its mission. We demonstrate this commitment by our expertise, helpfulness, respect for the needs of customers, recognition of the value of cooperation and teamwork, and sense of responsibility toward our work.
We set high expectations and ethical standards for fiscal responsibility, personal performance, and in the provision of services, resources, and products.
We are committed to partnering with the NIH community to achieve a shared appreciation of mutual needs, values, expectations, constraints, roles/responsibilities, and outcomes; and to sustain the best research and work environments possible.
ORS Timeline
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