ORS receives its budget from three sources. The Management Fund is an annual assessment to the Institutes and Centers (ICs) where the benefit cannot be attributed to an individual user (for example, fire and rescue, police, emergency manage- ment). The Service and Supply Fund Assessment is a quarterly tap to the ICs where the benefit can be attributed to an individual user (for example, library services, radiation safety services, interpreting, international services). The Service and Supply Fund Fee for Service is a direct sales transaction for goods or services (for example, photography, graphic design, equipment rental, animal health surveillance).

In 2017, the ORS Office of Budget and Finance obtained approval for new Management Fund assessment factors. The new factors use a combination of local census, local space, campus census, and campus space, which will result in a more accurate assessment of ORS services for the ICs. These new factors will be gradually phased in over the next three fiscal years (FY19-FY21).

ORS Budget Chart
ORS Budget Chart

ORS FY2017 Budget Allocation
Management Funds
$69,237 (27%)
Service and Supply Fund – Assessment
$129,400 (51%)
Service and Supply Fund – Fee for Service
$55,717 (22%)