NIH Policy Manual Chapters written and 8 updated
“The technical and creative requirements for the ‘Sickle Cell Anemia Live to Facebook's event were challenging yet critical. Events Management staff put in a lot of extra time, above and beyond the call of duty, and this truly helped to ensure that the needs of our clients were met beyond their expectations.”
Produced the NIH Turning Discovery into Health publication; first distributed at a Senate hearing and used at other high-profile meetings to showcase NIH's important work
Partnered with the Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences (FAES) to present the inaugural NIH Big Read using the book The Gene: An Intimate History by Pulitzer Prize­ winning author Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee
Hours spent reviewing NIH construction and renovation design documents and construction fire protection submittals
Radioactive material items received and processed
Immigration cases processed
Responses to emergency calls
Established an agreement to provide immigration services to the Clinical Center's international patient population to ensure patients maintain lawful non-immigrant status while receiving treatment
Expanded our fire and rescue response fleet to include a special Advanced Cardiac Life Support transport unit for use by the Clinical Center
“My son has been part of a study at NIH for several years. We stay at the Children's Inn on our visits, and use the gate closest to the Inn. The guard at the gate is ALWAYS happy to see us. My son loves going through that gate to see him, and he asked me not to get the passes that allow us to just drive through. The guard takes the time to talk to my son, and we really feel like he is an extension of our family."
Journals featured our medical
illustration work on their covers
Veterinary pharmaceuticals purchased for the Intramural Research Program resulting in a 65% cost savings, more than $2.3M, for the ICs
Scientific lectures, conferences and symposium supported
Journal articles downloaded
Achieved a 50% reduction in mail sortation errors by determining that new labels with a larger font would resolve many of the issues
Developed and implemented the IC Laboratory Safety Scorecard Program
Training classes held for 2,152 attendees at the NIH Library
Hours of sign language interpreting provided
Badges or PIV Cards issued
Orders placed for more than 161,000 mice and rats for the intramural research community
Pieces of equipment sold and 325 pieces of equipment in rental programs
Organized the first NIH Freezer Show to create awareness about the energy efficiency of Ultra Low Temperature Freezers
Tripled the Feds Feed Families Campaign goal with the collection of 90,000 pounds of non- perishable food donations
Hot Work Permits issued
Samples analyzed for radioactive content
Assisted with the first-at-NIH Lutathera radionuclide therapy in humans by receiving and delivering the radiopharmaceutical to NCI physicians and performing oversight of radiation safety activities during the infusion and patient discharge
Coordinated NIH's Take Your Child to Work Day with 3,936 registered students and 173 unique activities
Staff, patients and visitors served at food and concession facilities
Employees in the NIH Transhare Program
Radiation workers monitored for occupational radiation exposure
Lab safety surveys conducted
"Decade over decade, the NIH Library has been one of the best services for scientists and clinicians at the NIH. Scientists who come to work with me say they wish their library provided something similar!"
Pieces of U.S. Mail and 2.6M NIH inter-office items delivered
Fingerprint checks scheduled with OPM
Worked with the NIH Office of Human Resources to ensure NIH staff were made aware of commuting options and workplace flexibilities during the Metro SafeTrack surges to minimize the impact on both NIH employees and mission
Veterinary surgical procedures performed
People transported on the NIH shuttles
"I have been a patient at NIH for three months. Yesterday I completed 28 consecutive days of IV infusion treatment. That means I was there every day including weekends and holidays.

Every single one of the valet parking attendants has been fantastic to me while I battle this disease. They always have a smile on their face and are polite, courteous, thoughtful caring, and trustworthy.

They never get even a little impatient as they hold the door of my car while it takes me a little too long to get my legs in. Thank you so very much for this service and the fine group of individuals you have providing it."
Employees received safety training - the highest number in 6 years
Doses of flu vaccine administered