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The following items are prohibited from the NIH mail stream:

  1. Solid Objects
  2. Metal or glass objects should not be mailed in Inter-Office Communication envelopes or placed into the inter-office communication mail stream. These objects require special packing for safe handling.

  3. Hazardous Materials
  4. Hazardous materials should never be mailed through the inter-office communication mail stream. Materials such as chemicals, research vials, blood samples, and tissue samples, should be transported by other means specifically designed for the safe transport of these materials. Contact the Mail Customer Service Branch for assistance.

  5. Chain Letters
  6. Chain letters mailed through the inter-office mail is misuse of government resources and is strictly prohibited. Report the receipt of such materials immediately to the Mail Customer Service Branch so the appropriate security officials may be notified.

  7. Personal Mail
  8. The NIH mail centers are for official government mail only. The use of the inter-office mail system for personal mail is prohibited.​