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When addressing envelopes for inter-office correspondence always use mail stop codes (MSC) in addition to building names/numbers and room numbers. Names and routing information should be legibly printed to ensure timely and proper delivery.

When using Government Messenger Envelopes (Holey-Joe), the address should be placed on the next unused line. Mark out all previous entries to prevent misrouting. Clearly enter the addressee’s name and enter the mail stop code (MSC) in the box marked “STOP” (see sample 1). Building and room numbers are also encouraged (see sample 2).

​Sample 1: Sample SF-65

Name and MSC

Sample 2: Sample SF-65

Name, Building, Room and MSC

​When using preprinted Inter-Office Communications envelopes, a two-line address format is best. Place a return address in the upper left-hand corner of the envelope (name, building, room and MSC). Clearly enter the addressee’s name in the center of the envelope and list the mail stop code below the name (sample 3). The building and room number may be used by placing them on the line with the MSC (see samples 4 and 5).​​​

Sample 3:

Two-line address format with MSC

​Sample 4:

Two-line address format with Building and Room

​Sample 5:

Two-line address format for SPECIALS