Research Services Working Group

​​​​​The Research Services Working Group (RSWG) was established in 2021 and is a part of the NIH Steering Committee. RSWG provides advice to the ORS Director on matters of program, policy and budget. It also helps to identify and evaluate risks within ORS that might have an NIH-wide impact and identifies areas and issues for further study or discussion. The membership composition of the RSWG consists of IC members from “Top-Five" positions and OD senior leadership​ with new term limits​.​

  • Helene Langevin, Director, NCCIH (RSWG Chair)
  • Wilson Compton, Deputy Director, NIDA
  • Jeffrey Diamond, Acting Scientific Director, NINDS
  • Janet Hall, Clinical Director, NIEHS
  • Ann Huston, Deputy Director for Management, NIMH
  • ​Michael Krause, Scientific Director, Division of Intramural Research, NIDDK
  • Donna Siegle, Executive Officer, NCI​
  • Benjamin (Ben) Solomon, Clinical Director, NHGRI

Additional Advisory Committees

ORS engages IC stakeholders in service-specific advisory boards and committees to ensure we continue to meet the needs of the NIH community. A selection of these committees and their chair representatives ​are listed below:

  • Animal Research Advisory Committee: ​David Bodine, NHGRI
  • Aging and Adult-Dependent Care Committee: Melissa Porter, NCI & Martina Lavrisha, CC
  • Community Advisory Board for Security: Bill Cullen, ORS & John O'Shea, NIAMS
  • Division of Library Services Advisory Committee: Anna Nápoles, NIMHD
  • Division of Veterinary Resources Advisory Committee: Mary Custer, NCI
  • Events Management Branch Advisory Committee: Vicki Buckley, NIAAA
  • Institutional Biosafety Committee: Harry Malech​, NIAD
  • NIH Child Care Board: Jaclyn Franco, NIMH & Seema Nayak, NIAID
  • NIH Health and Wellness Council: Udana Torian, NIAID & Stacie Rios, OD
  • NIH Occupational Safety and Health Committee: Chris Hanson, NIAID
  • NIH Radiation Safety Committee: Brad Wood CC, DRD & ​Ahmed Gharib, M.D, NIDDK
  • NIH Radioactive Drug Research Committee: Teresa Fisher,​ ORS