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Customer Scorecard

The Customer Scorecard is the tool that is being used throughout ORS to measure customer satisfaction. Each Performance Management (PM) Team will work with OQM to determine the methodology for administering the surveys and collecting completed forms. This will ensure that we don't overwhelm ORS customers with surveys and that every team incorporates components of the ORS Customer Scorecard in their measurement process.

For more information on how to develop a customer assessment system, you may want to refer to the Customer Assessment training, located on the OQM Training page.

In addition, the following general steps may be helpful to you in developing your methodology:

  1. Review your customer segmentation data to determine who might be appropriate groups for your data collection efforts. Realize you cannot collect data from all your customers, so you want to select those customers who are your primary customers and most important to your business.
  2. Review your products/services to determine what level your customers can provide you meaningful feedback in terms of their satisfaction with your services (i.e., service group level, discrete service level, or specific product/service level).
  3. Consider what other ORS providers would potentially contact the customers you plan to contact.
  4. Determine if a survey is the best method for collecting data from your customers. Other methods of data collection include focus groups, personal interviews, and observations.
  5. If you plan to survey your customers, develop a short paragraph explaining to them why you are doing the survey and outline what you want them to rate (e.g., the service group, the discrete service, a specific product/service). Also indicate how participants can send completed surveys to the OQM.
  6. Determine how you plan to deliver the survey to customers. One method is hard copy surveys with a point-of-sale distribution. Another method is web-based survey. Each method has pros and cons, so discuss this with your consultant.

The Office of Quality Management will analyze all the ORS Customer Scorecard data and provide each PM Team with a detailed report. For surveys to be included in the current fiscal year analyses, they must be received by the Office of Quality Management no later than 30 September.

The ORS Customer Scorecard data will also be rolled-up ORS-wide to provide senior ORS leaders with data regarding customer satisfaction across the varied services in ORS.