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Division of Quality Management & Policy

​​The Division of Quality Management & Policy (DQMP) supports ORS and ORFDO leaders through customer relationship management, employee satisfaction measurement, and organizational improvement initiatives. DQMP serves as a consultant on reinvention efforts, streamlining initiatives, organizational redesign, total quality management, team building, strategic planning, human resource development, and effective training of managers and employees.

DQMP further supports ORS and ORFDO by formalizing process improvement through the development of SOPs and policies. Strategic planning and organizational redesign work in conjunction with organizational change initiatives and risk management. In addition, DQMP provides oversight, education, and guidance related to Privacy, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), records management, and NIH Manual Chapter development.


In 2021, the Management Analysis and Review Branch and the Office of Quality Management (OQM) transitioned to the Division of Quality Management & Policy (DQMP). Part of the DQMP mission is to promote process improvement and accountability to ensure the delivery of best-value services to NIH customers. The Office of Quality Management (OQM) assists the Offices of Research Services and Facilities (ORS/ORF) leaders in their customer relationship management and organizational improvement efforts through education, consultation, information sharing and technical advice.  All OQM efforts are targeted to promote process improvement and accountability to ensure the delivery of best-value services to NIH customers.  A list of our customers since 2001 can be found here:


  • Delegations of Authority
  • FOIA (Public Service)
  • Manual Chapter Coordination
  • Manuscript, Abstract, and Presentations Approvals
  • Organizational Changes
  • Paperwork Reduction Act
  • Privacy
  • NIH Police Reports (NIH Wide Service)
  • Records Management
  • Risk Management
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Benchmarking
  • Computer Modeling and Simulation (NIH Wide Service)
  • Customer Relationship Management (surveys) (NIH Wide Service)
  • Organizational and Operational Strategic Initiatives
  • Performance Management and Improvement (NIH Wide Service)
  • Performance Based Acquisition (NIH Wide Service)
  • Process Mapping (NIH Wide Service)​