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Mail Stops

​Mail stops (pick-up and delivery points) are established according to number of people supported and mail volumes. To streamline mail processing and expedite mail delivery, ICs should request a single mail stop code to support multiple offices located within the same building. The MCSB assigns mail stop codes on a case-by-case basis. The MCSB team is available to answer questions regarding mail stops at 301-496-3586 or by emailing

Opening Mail Stops

NIH offices should submit requests for mail stop codes (MSC) to: Chief, Mail Customer Service Branch, NSA/105 MSC 3333 or fax to 402-2147. The request should include names of personnel occupying the space, building, room, a point of contact, phone number, start-up date and the number of desk-to-desk copies of internal distribution required. A MCSB representative will contact the designated individual after receipt of the request. Requests for mail stop codes may be submitted electronically via the DMMS web site address https://​​ or email NIH employees should evaluate whether an existing MSC assigned to the same IC, building or floor may be able to support additional IC employees prior to requesting an additional mail stop code.

Closing Mail Stops

NIH employees should notify the MCSB as soon as possible when a mail stop code is no longer needed. The notification of closing a MSC may be faxed to 301-402-2147 or emailed to The notice should include building, room, MSC,point of contact, phone number and date when mail deliveries should be canceled. Where applicable, mailbox keys should be returned to a MCSB representative. Upon receipt of this notification, a MCSB representative will contact the customer.

NIH offices closing mail stops should advise their personnel to immediately notify their correspondents of their new forwarding address.


To maintain accurate mail delivery services without delay or interruption, NIH employees should notify the MCSB as early as possible of a pending relocation. If the move is to a different room within the same building, it may be possible to keep the same mail stop code. If moving to a different building, the MCSB will establish a new mail stop code.​