Schematic diagram of an otic cup

Doris Wu (NIH/NIDCD)
Project description:
Schematic diagram of an otic cup (A), otocyst (B), and a mature inner ear (C). (A) and (B) illustrate the consensus that the vestibular neurogenic region (red color) is located lateral to the auditory neurogenic region (purple color), where respective neuroblasts delaminate. Following neuroblasts delamination, the lateral neurogenic region develops into the utricular macula (red color, C) and the medial region develops into the saccular macula (purple color, C).
Manuscript title:
Temporal coupling between specifications of neuronal and macular fates of the inner ear.
Dev Biol. 2016 Jun 1;414(1):21-33.
PMID: 27083418
Illustrator: Alan Hoofring