Increase in design and illustration workload capacity, reducing the need to outsource and resulting in cost savings to NIH
"Your wealth of knowledge and expertise along with your willingness to share all aspects of the NIH experience establishing childcare centers on campus is invaluable as the Department of Homeland Security explores the different approaches we can take to ease the burden of childcare for our employees. We so appreciate you taking the time to travel to our office and share your insights with our senior leadership. The Child and Family Programs at NIH are quite impressive!"
Implemented a Help Desk Call Center for the badging office to triage customer inquiries based on each customer's need by either providing an automated response for generic questions or routing calls to the appropriate team member. This tool successfully minimized customer call wait times 
Increase in demand for environmental graphic services
Driving miles reduced through the use of Transhare benefits, saving 2.8M gallons of gasoline and 13M metric tons of CO2

Analyzed more than 110,000 publications from 1953 to present to identify research using HeLa cells. The results, including the countries, topics, and major discoveries made, were presented on the Office of Science Policy's website 

Veterinary diagnostic laboratory samples processed
Video projects produced
"Our project that involved housing cytomegalovirus (CMV) negative animals in Building 14G has been just published. We understand that it was a tremendous amount of work to maintain the CMV negative status. It was a very important study that allowed us to better understand the impact of CMV infection on natural killer (NK) cells. We really appreciate all your support and look forward to our continued collaboration."
Active shooter training classes and 31 Emergency Notification System training sessions provided
NIH badges issued
Collaborated with OHR to deliver 3 “Work/Life@NIH: A Supervisor's Guide to Enhancing Workforce Well-being” trainings and 9 special request trainings to individual offices and ICs
Designed and produced an exhibit visually communicating the CRISPR gene-editing process for NHGRI to display at the World Scout Jamboree
Maintenance requests completed on scientific equipment and instrumentation
Pieces of interoffice mail delivered
Veterinary behavior consultations provided
Partnered with the NCI design and construction teams to renovate several large laboratory buildings at Ft. Detrick, requiring complicated design reviews, extensive inspections, and multiple consultations 
Oversaw renovation of the Building 31 Cafeteria to increase salad bar size, modernize sneeze guards, and improve flow of traffic
nVISTAS cases processed
Influenza immunizations vaccinations administered with an average wait time of less than 3 minutes
Radioactive material packages received
Supported NIH-wide events like the CFC Directors Challenge, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and All of Us Anniversary Celebration
Installed a Radiation Monitoring System throughout the Clinical Center Department of Laboratory Medicine so that radioactive patient specimens can easily be identified
Fire evacuation drills conducted
Manuscripts edited as part of the NIH Library's editing service
Two new "ErgoFit" workstations were created to let employees try out products designed to improve office ergonomics 
Hosted two Risk Informed Security Investment Strategy conferences at Rocky Mountain Laboratories in Montana and Research Triangle Park in North Carolina 
Participants in 67 Child and Family outreach events
Pieces of U.S. Mail received and 2.4M pieces sent
Pieces of scientific equipment and instrumentation purchases for researchers
Radiation detection instruments calibrated and 68 clinical protocols with a research radiation component reviewed
"The Division of Physical Security Management was responsive, informative, and a joy to work with. They explained the menu of choices available to us for office security measures and the technological systems that make them possible. I was able to make an informed decision that was right for us, and they implemented the work to meet our deadlines. During this time of instability and anxiety in our office, the DPSM team was a tremendous source of comfort and expertise. When people feel vulnerable, it matters more than ever to experience such supportive consultation."
New foreign scientists attended J-1 Orientation and 74 new FTEs attended H-1B Orientation
e-QIPs background investigations initiated
Hours spent performing construction plan reviews
Hours of sign language interpreting provided
" All the authors (a collaborative team from Northwestern University, Harvard, and the National University of Singapore) are thrilled with the figure created by Medical Arts. They say it is bound for the textbooks. Thank you so much for your high-quality professional work and artistic talent. I ordered t-shirts with the image for all of them – it is like a family reunion of science geeks!"
Fire extinguisher inspections
Conducted the third annual NIH-Wide Accountability Exercise. In 5 days, NIH was able to account for 94.05% of its staff 
Hosted the 17th Annual Immigration Conference to present 23 sessions to 175 NIH administrative personnel over two days 

Participants in the ORS Immersion Program training that increases knowledge of ORS services and facilitates networking between ORS service providers and IC participants
Reference questions answered by librarians and informationists
Organized the first ORS Microplate Reader and Centrifuge Show, which resulted in sales of over 100 pieces of equipment worth $800,000

Policies developed to meet new physical security requirements and 108 existing polices updated
New card readers installed
Fire emergencies responded to
Hours spent performing routine inspections of existing buildings
Opened a new fitness facility in Building 53, providing cross-training, weightlifting, and fitness classes for the NIH community

ORS Animal Care and Use Committee conducted the semi-annual program review and inspection of animal facilities
The NIH Fire Department received accreditation through the Center for Public Safety Excellence 
Pounds of food collected for food banks in the metropolitan DC area and at NIH satellite locations as part of the Feds Feed Families food drive

Respiratory protection fit testing and training conducted

Participants in the 12th annual Take a Hike Day
Scientific lectures, conferences, and symposium supported