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Best Practices

A Best Practice is a superior method or an innovative approach that consistently exceeds standard levels of performance.
In order for a method or an approach to be considered a best practice several of the following conditions must be met:

  • Evidence that there has been an expert review (e.g. independent assessment, award, functional or auditing team)
  • Evidence of a dramatic improvement in performance as compared to standard levels of performance.
  • Evidence that the results are consistently superior to those of similar organizations.
  • Multiple independent sources agree the practice is superior.

If you are planning on redefining or reshaping the way you serve your internal and external customers, first check to see if someone else has already gone in the direction you are headed. You will save time. Benchmarking and the sharing of best practices are effective organizational change tools when used as part of a planned approach to improving readiness and providing quality products and services. By reviewing existing Benchmarking studies and Best Practices case studies you may find existing processes and practices that can be adapted to meet your organizational needs.

Sharing benchmarking information and best practices is one way to recognize the efforts of innovative and creative organizations that are

  • working on improving customer satisfaction and management practices,
  • introducing new technologies,
  • improving employee satisfaction
  • ensuring that our taxpayers receive the best value for their money.

The process of benchmarking and sharing of best practices is also a way of learning from the experiences of others, adapting the knowledge gained and significantly improving operational performance.

By validating work methods, processes and initiatives that are superior and innovative your organization should experience one or a combination of the following:

  • Improved organizational readiness
  • Significant cost avoidance
  • Significant cost or time savings
  • Improved customer service

The ORS Office of Quality Management is the focal point for collecting, consolidating and disseminating Best Practices information in the ORS. As part of this effort, OQM has compiled a list of Best Practices Case Studies that may be of interest to you.