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Non-Human Primates (NHP)

DVR maintains non-human primate holding facilities at both the Bethesda campus and the Animal Center. Facilities are available to maintain socially housed small, medium or large non-human primates. Conventional, quarantine or biohazard holding is available. DVR also maintains animal procurement contracts to facilitate the purchase of non-human primates for NIH investigators.


To review the large number of NHP that are used in biomedical research please see link below. If you have any specific questions contact the DVR Primate Services in Poolesville at 301-402-3957 or 301-435-4056:

For more information, please see the University of Wisconsin Primate Info Net  

NHP Housing at DVR

DVR has a broad range of caging and housing systems to accommodate most all types of research.  NHP housing range from single cages on bedding to facilitate Bio-hazard holding protocols for research purposes to large indoor outdoor housing units capable of housing upward of 50 animals in a single group for holding or behavioral type of research. 

For specific questions, contact Facility Management Branch Chief at 301-435-4444.

NHP Reuse Program and Tissues Samples

DVR maintains a NHP reuse program to facilitate the reduction in use of NHP.  These animals have not been used for any type of survival surgery and are typically animals that have been used on vaccine or non evasive types of research and are available on a first come first serve based.  The costs of these animals vary but are much more economical than an investigator would typically pay for a na�ve animals.  These animals are typically not available in large numbers to the demand on the reuse program. 

For details on availability, contact the Large Animals Section Chief at 301-443-0317.

NHP Safety for B-Virus and Awake NHP Procedures

Anyone working with Old world NHP should be familiar with and have been trained in the precautions of working with Herpes B-virus as well as awake NHP�s. 

Contact the Large Animals Section Chief at 301-443-0317 for details, or review the links below regarding the prevention of B-virus by Dr. Cohen, Hilliard�s and the B-virus working group.

NHP Supply and Support Contracts

DVR maintain a mutable species mutable award type contract to facilitate the efficient procurement of NHP that meet the NIH health requirements.  For detail or specific questions contact the Facility Manger of the Primate Services in Poolesville at 301-402-3957.

Transportation, Oversight and Coordination

In addition to the NHP procurement contracts the facility manager at the primate services in Poolesville can coordinate transportation of NHP from anywhere in the US as well import into the US as needed.   We can also provide holding or breeding contract management and oversight as well as assist with establishing the proper contract mechanisms to facilitate the researchers need.  For additional details contact the facility Manger of the primate Services in Poolesville at 301-402-3957.


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