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Requirements for Minors Intending to Use Radiation at NIH

​All minors working in a laboratory posted for Radioactive Material Use at the NIH must submit an application to the DRS for approval prior to working with radiation (i.e. radioactive materials, radiation producing devices, or sealed source irradiators)​.

​Requirements for Minors Using Radioactive Material 

DRS will verify the following criteria are met for all minors working with radioactive material at the NIH: 

  • Minors under the age of 16 are prohibited from working with radiation
  • Minors who are 16 or 17 years of age are prohibited from handling source vials and need special permission from the NIH Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) to use other sources of radioactive material
  • Minors must complete the application and receive signed approval from the RSO before they use any radioactive material, radiation producing devices, or sealed source irradiators
  • Minors are ineligible for unescorted access to sealed source irradiators
  • All minors must complete a dosimetry evaluation form
  • Before working with radioactive materials, minors must have successfully completed the appropriate training, including the Introduction to Laboratory Safety, Radiation Safety in the Laboratory and DRS "Hands-on" practical courses
  • Before working with radiation producing devices, minors must register with DRS to complete the NIH Introduction to Laboratory Safety​​ course and all appropriate training courses for x-ray users
  • Before using a sealed source irradiator, minors must complete the Radiation Safety for Irradiator Users course
  • All use of radiation by an RSO-approved minor must always be directly supervised by a trained adult NIH staff member
  • Failure to adequately supervise the minor while he or she is using a radiation source will result in immediate suspension of the Authorized User's privilege to order and receive radioactive material and notification of the IC management for the staff member responsible for the supervision
  • Written consent of the student's parents/guardians is required as part of the approval process

Requirements for Minors Not Intending to Use Radioactive Material ​

Minors who DO NOT intend to use radioactive material but are working in a lab where radioactive material is stored or used by others must take the​ Radiation Safety Orientation training. No additional training is required for minors who do not intend to use radioactive material.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​