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Iodination is any reaction or process that introduces radioactive iodine, in the absence of any other element, into certain amino acids in proteins and peptides. ​​To work with iodinations at the NIH, review and complete the requirements listed below. 

​Performing​​ Iodinations at the NIH

The main radiation safety concern in performing iodinations is the potential volatility of radioiodine, which can lead to an internal radiation dose to the worker. ​Working with iodinations at the NIH requires a Radiation Safety Protocol. All DRS Protocols must be reviewed by the  Radiation Safety Committee prior to approval. DRS Protocols are valid for two years, and include an annual review performed by the area health physicist​ where the labs are located. 

To obtain a Radiation Safety Protocol, please complete and submit a Laboratory Protocol Application​.

Standard Requirements for DRS Protocols

The Division of Radiation Safety has developed standard requirements for protocols for a number of radionuclides. Please review the Standard Radiation Safety Requirements for DRS Protocols​ and ​Standard Requirements for Iodinations for any work involving the use of iodinations prior to submitting a DRS Laboratory Protocol Application​

Contact your​ area health physicist or call DRS at (301) 496-5774 for any questions on the application process.​