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Contact Information

For questions, please contact:

Division of Emergency Management
Phone: (301) 496-1985

For questions specific to your Institute or Center, please contact your Emergency Coordinator.

        Emergency Numbers
​On Campus
Landline:  911
Cell Phone:  (301) 496-9911
​Off Campus
Landline:  911
Cell Phone:  911

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Fire Emergencies

Fire Emergency Procedures

Below are a list of steps to take during a fire emergency:
  • Alert others in the area
  • Activate the nearest fire alarm
  • Turn off oxygen/flammable gas
  • If possible, confine any additional hazards on your way out
  • Evacuate in an orderly manner. DO NOT use elevators.
  • Close door(s) behind you. If possible, close door(s) where the fire is located
  • Follow guidance from the Building Evacuation Team Members
  • Once you are safe, call Fire/Rescue Services
    • On Campus: Dial 911 or from a cell phone 301-496-9911
      Off Campus: Dial 9-911 from office phone or 911 from cell

Learn to Use a Fire Extinguisher

Be sure that everyone in your home and place of work know how to use a fire extinguisher and where it is located. At a minimum, you should have access to a fire extinguisher, class ABC in your place of work and in your home.

Note: Evacuate the building if you are not trained to use a fire extinguisher. Never attempt to fight a fire if you have not received fire extinguisher training, or if it is not safe for you to do so.

For fire extinguisher training contact the Division of the Fire Marshal: (301) 496-0487