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Contact Information

For questions, please contact:

Division of Emergency Management
Phone: (301) 496-1985

For questions specific to your Institute or Center, please contact your Emergency Coordinator.

        Emergency Numbers
​On Campus
Landline:  911
Cell Phone:  (301) 496-9911
​Off Campus
Landline:  911
Cell Phone:  911

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911 Call Center (Emergency Communications Center)

The NIH Emergency Communications Center (ECC) receives calls for service from the community, resulting in dispatching police, fire and rescue resources as required.

ECC personnel dispatch approximately 1,900 of the calls to on-duty patrol officers and about 450 calls to fire and rescue personnel. Many of the remaining calls are dispatched to both police and fire personnel due to the nature of some calls. In addition, some of the calls received are dispatched to other jurisdictions if it is determined that the emergency is outside of the NIH Division of Police jurisdiction.
ECC personnel also monitor radios, alarms and cameras located at key locations at the perimeter and on the NIH campus. Personnel manage and operate specialized systems to document emergencies and also share information with nearly 30 other government agencies
The ECC is a critical organization for the NIH community in that it is the first point of contact for emergency situations. ECC staff is trained in managing emergencies and providing callers direction in handling critical situations via phone until police or fire personnel arrive to provide direct assistance. ECC personnel are assigned to two shifts allowing coverage 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.