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NIH Mail Stops

​​​​Mail Stops (pick-up and delivery points) need to be kept to a minimum consistent with operational ability. NIH activities should request a single mail stop to support multiple offices within the same building and located on the same floor.

Opening Mail Stops

NIH activities should submit requests for mail stops through their IC mail managers to the Chief, Mail Customer Service Branch via email Requests should include names of personnel occupying the space, number of internal distributions required, building, room number, point of contact, phone number and start-up date.

Closing Mail Stops

NIH activities should notify their IC mail managers and the Chief, Mail Customer Service Branch via email ​when a mail stop code (MSC) is no longer needed. This notification must be in writing and include the date to cancel deliveries to the mail stop. NIH activities closing mail stops should advise personnel to immediately notify correspondents of their new forwarding address.


To sustain accurate and expeditious mail delivery services, NIH activities should notify the Mail Custo​mer Service Branch in writing as soon as possible of a pending move. Include in this notification when mail delivery should be stopped at the old location and started at the new location. Also include a list of the employees who should receive mail at the new location.