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NIH Visitor Map

NIH Campus Visitor Map

Building Name & Number Index
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Main Vehicle Entrance: NIH Gateway Drive

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NIH is limiting visitors to campus. All non-essential visits should be re-scheduled. Thank you for helping to protect the health of our staff.

Rockville Pike & NIH Gateway Drive

Vehicle Inspection

Closed Until Further Notice

Visitors arriving in vehicles should use the Commercial Vehicle Inspection Facility (CVIF) until further notice.

Patients/Patient visitors arriving in vehicles should use the West Drive Patient Entrance (when open). See hours of operation below.


NIH Gateway Center

The NIH Gateway Center for Visitors, Building 66, is closed for renovations until December 20, 2021.

During the closure, visitors will be provided transportation to alternative visitor screening and badging locations as follows:

Weekday Visitor Shuttle – CVIF Entrance (11/8 – 12/17)

  • *Monday – Friday, 6am – 6pm
  • *Route: Metro/Gateway Center (outside fence) -> Commercial Vehicle Inspection Facility (CVIF) -> Clinical Center/CRC North Entrance -> Metro/Gateway Center (outside fence)
  • *Available for general visitors and employees

Weekday Patient/Patient Visitor Shuttle – West Drive Entrance (11/8 – 12/17)

  • *Monday – Friday, 6am – 6pm
  • *Route: Metro/Gateway Center (outside fence) -> West Drive Patient Entrance -> Clinical Center/CRC North Entrance -> Metro/Gateway Center (outside fence).
  • *Available for patients and patient visitors only
  • * The Children's Inn/Family Lodge Shuttle also operates on Weekdays

After Hours Weekday Shuttle

  • *Monday – Friday, 6pm – 12am (midnight)
  • *Route: Metro/Gateway Center (outside fence) -> Commercial Vehicle Inspection Facility (CVIF) -> Children's Inn – Family Lodge -> Clinical Center/CRC North Entrance -> Lot 41 (between 6- 8:30pm) -> Metro/Gateway Center (outside fence); 6pm – 10pm
  • *During the hours of 10pm to 12am the shuttle reverts to its normal schedule
  • *This shuttle does not stop at the West Drive Patient Entrance; Visitors taken to the Commercial Vehicle Inspection Facility (CVIF) instead

Saturday Patient/Patient Visitor Transportation from Metro

  • *Call 301-496-5685 (NIH Emergency Communication Center – non-emergency) and an NIH Police Officer will be dispatched
  • * Operates 7am – 5pm

Sunday Patient/Patient Visitor Transportation from Metro

  • *Call 301-496-1161 (Patient Transportation Desk) and the patient shuttle will be dispatched
  • *Operates 9am – 9pm

Signage will be posted at the Gateway Center entrance providing transportation information for visitors exiting from the Medical Center Metro Station or parking in the MLP-11 parking garage. A guard will also be posted weekdays at the Gateway Center to assist visitors.   

Commercial Vehicle Entrance: Commercial Vehicle Inspection Facility (CVIF) - Building 67

Rockville Pike - between North Dr. and Wilson Dr. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

After 10pm on weekdays, all day weekends and holidays, all visitors in vehicles or as pedestrians should enter via the CVIF

To learn more about visitor and security issues at the NIH, visit:

For questions about campus access, please contact the ORS Information Line at or 301-594-6677, TTY - 301-435-1908.


Patient and Patient Visitor Entrance

West Cedar Lane and West Drive

Open 7 days a week: Inbound Traffic only, 6 am - 10 pm

After 10 pm, all patients and patient visitors should enter campus via the Commercial Vehicle Inspection Facility (CVIF) -- Building 67 (on Rockville Pike between North and Wilson Drives)

Valet Parking at Clinical Center Main Entrance (Monday – Friday, 7am – 7pm)

Open to patients and patient visitors ONLY


Information for Patients and Visitors to the National Institutes of Health

Street Address: National Institutes of Health, 9000 Rockville Pike, Bethesda MD 20892
Welcome to the NIH. Please take the time to read this bulletin. It contains important parking and security information you need when visiting the NIH campus.

Patient and Patient Visitor Parking:

Clinical Center — P1 Entrance (Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

**Parking Ticket Validation Required**

Patient & Patient Visitor Parking Validation:
B1 Lobby at Hospitality Desk, Monday – Friday, 7am - 9pm

No validation required weeknights after 9pm, weekends & holidays

Valet Parking Service:
Available at the Clinical Center Main Entrance

Monday – Friday, 7am – 7pm
Ticket validation required

Valet Parking Validation: North Lobby at Hospitality Desk
7am - 7pm

Unclaimed vehicles after 7pm will be parked in the front of the Clinical Center roadway and keys will be transferred to the CRC/Bldg. 10 Admissions desk.

Patient and Patient Visitor Extended Access Pass:
You can request an optional, extended visitor Photo ID and Campus Access Pass to expedite your campus and building entry.

Visit the Clinical Center Admissions Desk or see your patient care coordinator for these timesaving services.

General Visitor Parking Information:

Visitors (other than patients) parking at the Gateway Parking Garage (MLP-11) and in designated visitor parking lots:

Monday – Friday
6am - 9pm (entrance)
6am - 11pm (exit)
$2.00 per hour for the first three hours
$12.00 for the entire day

Lot 4A (between Buildings 2 and 4, across from Building 31):
Monday - Friday
7am - 9 pm (entrance and exit)
$2.00 per hour for the first three hours

$12.00 for the entire day

Metered parking:
Monday – Friday
Enforced 7am – 7pm weekdays
Available in up to 2 hour increments

$2 per hour ($1.50 per hour in front of Building 31A)

The NIH has implemented security measures to help ensure the safety of our patients, employees, guests and facilities. All visitors must enter through the NIH Gateway Center at Metro or the West Gateway Visitor Center. You will be asked to submit to a vehicle or personal inspection.

Visitors over 15 years of age must provide a form of government-issued ID such as a driver's license or passport. Visitors under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Vehicle Inspections – All vehicles and their contents will be inspected upon entering the campus. Additionally, all vehicles entering certain parking areas will be inspected, regardless of any prior inspection. Drivers will be required to present their driver’s license and may be asked to open the trunk and hood. If you are physically unable to perform this function, please inform the inspector and they will assist you.

Vehicle inspection may consist of any combination of the following: Detection Dogs Teams (K-9), Electronic Detection Devices and Manual Inspection.

After inspection, you will be issued a vehicle inspection pass. It must be displayed on your vehicle’s dashboard while you are on campus. The inspection pass is not a "parking permit." It only grants your vehicle access to enter the campus. You can only park in designated parking areas. (See campus map)

Personal Inspections – All visitors should be prepared to submit to a personal inspection prior to entering the campus. These inspections may be conducted with a handheld monitoring device, a metal detector and by visible inspection. Additionally, your personal belongings may be inspected and passed through an x-ray machine.

Firearms, explosives, archery equipment, dangerous weapons, knives with blades over 2 1/2 inches, alcoholic beverages and open containers of alcohol are examples of prohibited items on the NIH campus.

Visitor passes must be prominently displayed at all times while on the NIH campus.