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Community Resources for the Flu Vaccine

As a follow-up to the announcement of the annual influenza vaccination program for NIH employees, the NIH would like to provide information on community-based clinics that are open to the public. By statute, the NIH is limited to providing health services programs to federal employees.

Individuals who do not have an NIH badge and are not eligible to participate in the NIH influenza immunization program are encouraged to first contact their personal health-care provider as a source of vaccine. Alternatively, the vaccine is available through many community resources (some are listed below). Several local stores—such as Giant, Safeway, and CVS—are providing flu shot clinics. The schedules for these clinics can be found by visiting the store’s website, calling the store, or asking at the pharmacy. In addition, the American Lung Association has a website that lists locations around the Washington metropolitan area that are providing the flu vaccine. State and county health departments provide similar lists of community resources.

The supply of flu vaccine is expected to be sufficient to meet public demand. We encourage everyone and their families to consider getting vaccinated.

Community Resources:

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