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Feds Feed Families 2022 ​Virtual Giving Campaign at NIH

This year, the National Institutes of Health will again participate in “Feds Feed Families", the annual federal government summer food drive. The 2022 virtual campaign will run July 5 through September 30. ​
Many families are still heavy impacted by the pandemic and are facing food insecurity and hunger. The NIH community has always given generously through this campaign to support those in need. Together, we can knock out hunger! 

We are once again operating this year’s campaign virtually. We are not collecting food donations at on and off campus locations. Instead, the NIH community can donate online to fight hunger. 

​Please check out our website to learn how you can donate. 


Step 1. Make Your Donation

1. Donate Groceries Online:

​​Purchase Food via your favorite online grocer and have it delivered directly to a food bank or pantry of your choosing.

2. Donate Money Online:

Make a monetary donation to a food pantry or food bank of your choosing.

3. Donate to Local Food Drives:

Participate in local food drives sponsored by your local grocery store or organizations.

4. Volunteer Hours:

Log in your volunteer hours or commit to volunteering (including gleaning opportunities) in the upcoming months. ​

To ensure the NIH receives credit for your donation, please record your donation on theFeds Feed Families hub. 

Find a food bank or pantry through theAmple Harvest websiteor on your own. Give directly to that food bank or pantry. For instance, you may purchase food via your favorite online grocer, ​​and have it delivered directly to a food bank or pantry of your choosing. 

If you are not sure where to donate, several local organizations are highlighted in the “Local Donation Options” section. ​

Step 2. Record Your Donation

To ensure the NIH receives credit for your donation, please record your donation on the Feds Feed Families hub.

(It is recommended that you use Chrome browser.)

  1. Select "Executive" as your branch.
  2. Select "Department of Health and Human Services" as your department/independent body.
  3. Select "National Institutes of Health" as your agency/sub unit.
  4. All donations will be tracked by pounds of food. For monetary donations, the site will use a national conversion rate from dollars to pounds.​ 
If you have any questions about recording your donation, please reach out to

Virtual Background Links for Emails, Press Releases, ​Promotional Content, Etc. 


Our Local Partners

Not sure where to donate? If you don’t have a food bank in mind, here are a few local options:

Virtual Food Drive​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



Learn more about the issue of hunger in the Washington, DC area and how you can fight hunger through the Feds Feed Families campaign.

During the Virtual Food Drive 2020 event, Katherine Donnelly, from the Capital Area Food Bank, provided an overview on the impact of food security in our region, who is affected, and how local organizations are meeting the needs of our citizens.

Tim Tosten, Associate Director for Program and Employee Services in the Office of Research Services, concluded with information on the Feds Feed Families program.


If you have any questions about the campaign, please contact