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About Us

The DVR pharmacy acquires and safeguards controlled substances for non-human use for clinical and research purposes. NIH policies and procedures for handling and safeguarding controlled substances for nonhuman use are outlined in the Manual Issuance.

The DVR Pharmacy provides fast, convenient and cost-effective one-stop shopping for veterinary and human over-the-counter or prescription products.  Many high volume items are kept in stock in the pharmacy and are available for immediate pick up. The DVR Pharmacy has access to a Government Pharmacy Prime Vendor contract which provides excellent pricing on human drug products and is able to realize a significant cost savings to our customers. 


The pharmacist is available for consultation involving protocol design and drug applications, dosages, delivery methods, and interactions or adverse effects.  The DVR Pharmacist can assist NIH veterinarians and investigators in the selection and purchase of veterinary or human medications and products required for research protocols.


For pricing questions and delivery time frames, please call the pharmacy at 301-402-9539. 

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