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Rodents / Rabbits

Mouse DVR maintains rodent and rabbit holding facilities at the 14/28 complex and Building 10A on the Bethesda campus and in buildings 102 and 127/128 at the Animal Center in Poolesville. Rodents can be housed in microisolator and conventional caging systems, along with quarantine holding in semi-rigid isolators for rodents being imported from outside sources.  Services provided to you include weaning, tagging and tailing and weekly census. 

Rabbits are housed in stainless steel rabbit cages with the option of having removable environmental enrichment panels for socialization.  Services provided to you include physical upon arrival, monthly physical, monthly socialization with pen pal, food treats and weekly census. 

Additional Technical Services are available with consultation from the Facility Veterinarian for listed species.

Additional services provided are CAPS (Central Animal Procurement System) for processing animal orders, animal packaging, special diets upon request, facility orientation, keycard activation for building access,   animal health profiles for each holding room, temporary storage for rodent  samples, bio-safety level 2 holding,