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DVR maintains holding facilities for cats and dogs in both the NIH Animal Center and in Building 28 on the Bethesda campus. Conventional, quarantine or biohazard holding is available.


Procurement:  DVR maintains a canine purchasing contract with approved class A canine vendors to facilitate the purchase of canines for NIH investigators with approved protocols.  Once purchased, the canines are delivered to the quarantine facilities at the NIH Animal Center.  During quarantine carnivores receive health and behavior evaluations before they are cleared for conventional holding and released to investigators.  Quarantine period is usually two to four weeks.

DVR provides transportation of carnivores (cats, dogs and ferrets) to and from the NIH Animal Center and Bethesda campuses at the request of investigators.

Housing:  Carnivores are housed in indoor/outdoor kennels or approved caging for the species in accordance to The Guide and are usually pair or group housed with appropriate bedding and environmental enrichment.  Special housing needs are available at the request of the investigator if protocol requires special housing needs.


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