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Veterinary Care

Veterinarian with rabbitThe DVR veterinary staff is committed to maintaining high quality research animals and provides care for all species maintained in DVR facilities including preventive care and health surveillance.  

In addition to health care, DVR veterinarians provide protocol and animal model development support. For more information on getting started with an Animal Study Proposal, also see the Office of Animal Care and Use (OACU) for procedures and required training. 

DVR veterinary technicians are available for technical research support.  Types of technical services offered include identification of animals, sample collection for rodent genotyping, rodent breeding setups, blood and tissue collection, surgical or procedural anesthesia preparation, induction and monitoring, weighing animals for research purposes, and providing special diets and medications for research studies.

DVR provides veterinary support at the NIH Animal Center. Capabilities at this site include housing for agricultural animals and non-human primates, surgical support, and quarantine of imported animals. 


Vet Animals