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  • Burkholder T, Foltz C, Karlsson E, Linton CG, Smith J. Health Evaluation of Experimental Laboratory Mice. Current Protocols in Mouse Biology 2: 145-165, June 2012. Published online June 2012 in Wiley Online Library.External link opens in new window
  • Linkenhoker J, Burkholder T, Linton C, Walden A, Abusakran-Monday K, Rosero A, Foltz C. Effective and safe anesthesia for Yorkshire and Yucatan swine with and without cardiovascular injury and intervention. JAALAS, 49(3):344-351, 2010.
  • Tanya H. Burkholder, James L. Weed, Lee Niel, John Bacher, Charmaine Foltz. Behavior, heart rate and activity levels used as indicators of stress in rats during argon or carbon dioxide euthanasia. JAALAS, 49(4):1-6, 2010.
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  • Dennis E. Barnard1, Matthew F. Starost1,   Beverly B. Teter2,   Emiko Yoshizumi2, Joseph Sampugna2,   Brent Morse1,   Charmaine Foltz1; Dietary Effects on the Development of Ulcerative Dermatitis in C57BL/6J Mice. (in preparation for submission to Comparative Medicine Journal)
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