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Reporting Requirements Sensitive Positions (SEAD-3)

Security Executive Agent Directive 3 (SEAD-3) – Reporting Requirements for Personnel with Access to Classified Information or Who Hold a Sensitive Position 

The additional trust the government places on persons with clearance eligibility comes with an increased demand for personnel reliability.  Security Executive Agent Directive 3 (SEAD-3) reporting requirements apply to all NIH individuals that maintain a national security clearance, are eligible for a national security clearance or hold a sensitive position.  The reporting requirement for ALL NIH individuals with clearance eligibility took effect on 12 July 2017. This requirement is not applicable to Contractors, Special Volunteers, Volunteers or other Non-FTE positions. 

SEAD-3 requires enhanced additional reporting of foreign travel, foreign contacts and conduct/behavior that might jeopardize an individual from maintaining access or eligibility to access classified information.  The revised reporting requirements are a direct result of recent national security breaches by trusted insiders who have disclosed classified information to news media or foreign entities causing significant harm to the interests of the United States.  

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Office of Security and Strategic Information (OSSI) has created the following form-fillable PDFs for individuals to use when reporting required information.  These forms are now available on the HHS Intranet at:

  • Pre-Travel Approval Form (HHS-845) - To be used 30 days prior to personal travel outside of the United States.
  • Post-Travel Approval Form (HHS-844) - To be used Within 5 days of return from travel outside of the United States.
  • Self/Peer Reporting Actions and Activities (HHS-846) - To be used for any required reporting actions related to one self and/or peers.

Additional details are also being provided by the Office of Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) at:               

Using the above attached HHS forms please follow the form instructions to submit any reportable information to the designated HHS OSSI mailboxes at and