Services - Know Before You Go

DPSAC begins the prescreening process after a candidate has been issued a conditional offer for employment, and once the Administrative Officer has sponsored the individual for a Personal Identity Verification (PIV) or Restricted Local Access (RLA) badge in the NIH Enterprise Directory (NED). DPSAC processing for foreign nationals can only begin after the NIH Division of International Services (DIS) validates the individual's legal/work status.

All new federal applicants and current NIH personnel converting to federal positions must undergo DPSAC prescreening prior to being either authorized for Entry on Duty (EOD), issued a Final Offer Letter or issued a PIV/RLA badge. Non-federal applicants are required to undergo prescreening prior to being authorized for a PIV/RLA badge.

DPSAC will email the candidate the prescreening requirements and instructions using the NED contact information.

The following must be completed as part of DPSAC Prescreening:

  • Declaration for Federal Employment (OF-306) – (federal applicants must complete the OF-306 in Onboarding Manager)
  • Current fingerprinting – the Contact menu of our website identifies various DSPAC locations for fingerprinting.  Individuals who are not located near a DPSAC location should contact our office at to request remote fingerprinting options. ​
  • Completion of all background investigation requirements if a new background investigation is required [i.e. electronic Questionnaires for Investigation Processing (e-QIP) and all associated forms], or an investigation on file that meets current NIH investigation requirement without a break in service of 24 months
  • Resume