Know before you go

The topics covered in this section are designed to help answer many of the basic questions you may have about background investigations and the badge issuance process at NIH before your visit to the DPSAC offices.

Please browse through these topics to get a better understanding of your responsibilities and what to expect from our office. 

If you are not able to find the information you are looking for, please contact us to speak with a representative.

Understanding Government Background Investigations
Overview of the federal requirements that drive DPSAC processes and why we do what we do (to keep the NIH workforce safe).
Intake, Prescreening &  Adjudication Process Overview
Step by step guide of where our process starts and ends, and what to expect
All new federal applicants, contractors and affiliates must undergo DPSAC prescreening prior to being either authorized for Entry on Duty (EOD), issued a Final Offer Letter or issued a PIV/RLA badge.
Information for Short Term/ Intermittent Employees
Short term employees (Summer Students, Special Government Employees, or other individuals who do not require routine access to NIH facilities/ information systems) will have different requirements
Information for Foreign Nationals
Important information for foreign nationals navigating through the badge and background investigation process