Completing Your Online e-QIP

Individuals who need to complete a Background Investigation at NIH will receive an email from DPSAC with instructions on how to access and complete their electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing (e-QIP), and other required documents. The level of your background investigation is determined by your position. 

Accessing e-QIP
Once you have been sponsored and initiated for a background investigation, you can access your e-QIP questionnaire by visiting: 

Registering with Your 14 Digit PIN Code
First time users at NIH will need to register for a Username and Password on the right hand side of the login screen. You will later be asked to provide a unique 14 digit registration PIN code that was sent to you in a separate email. If you did not receive your registration code, please contact our office immediately at (301) 402-9755 or by emailing:

Assistance with e-QIP
DPSAC Helpdesk specialists are available to assist you through the e-QIP  process. If  you need any assistance, please contact our office. The National Background Investigations Bureau  (NBIB) also offers helpful guides and instructions for completing your investigation requirements at the e-QIP login screen (see:

Deadline for Completion
You will have seven (7) business days to complete your online e-QIP and the additional forms that were sent to you. 

Penalties for Non-Compliance
Failure to complete these requirements will result in your ineligibility for access to NIH facilities. You will not be allowed to begin or continue your work without completing these requirements. Those who already have an HHS PIV badge will have their badge revoked if they fail to complete these requirements.

Entering Your Data in e-QIP
Be aware of the following when entering your data into e-QIP. Your questionnaire will not be accepted if missing/incomplete information exists. For a help guide , click here

  • Acronyms are not permitted anywhere on the questionnaire (i.e. “NIH”)
  • Complete street/postal addresses are required for all entries (to include building and room number). P.O. boxes are not permitted
  • Federal contractor and private sector entries must include the contract company name, company address AND the job site location
  • Federal department, agency or military entries must contain the full name and complete addresses of the department/ agency and subcomponent 
  • A supervisor’s full name and address are required for all employment entries. Do NOT select “supervisor information same as employer”
  • Foreign Nationals must provide proof of legal/visitor status (e.g. I-94 Admission Number, U.S. Visa, or Employment Authorization)
  • Lawful Permanent Residents must provide their Alien Registration Number (may appear as “USCIS” number) 
  • If you are unsure of your Selective Service Registration requirements, they can be found here: 
  • Individuals who have regular contact with children as a part of their official job duties will have additional requirements
Certification and Digital Signature
Once you have entered all your data, you will begin the Certification process. Please utilize “Click to Sign” to digitally sign your e-QIP signature pages (preferred method). 

Upload the Forms Attached to the e-QIP instruction email 
Proceed to the “Attachments Summary” in e-QIP (one of the last five steps).  Here, you will answer “Yes” to having “Additional documents associated with this request”, and then follow the instructions to upload the OF-306 Declaration for Federal Employment and other forms you completed.
  • New federal hires: A new OF-306 is not required if already submitted in Onboarding Manager   
  • Individuals in Public Trust Positions: Electronic signatures are permitted on the ‘Additional Questions for Public Trust Positions’  document
  • Any amendments to your documents will require your initials and date (i.e. cross-outs and hand written corrections)
Submit/Release your e-QIP
Once all steps above have been completed, please click the “Release/Transmit Your Questionnaire to the Agency” button
Other Options for Submission
We strongly encourage you to upload your forms directly to e-QIP. If you are unable to upload your forms, you may hand-carry or fax them to our office at:
National Institutes of Health
Division of Personnel Security and Access Control, ORS
31 Center Drive, Room 1B03, MSC 2143
Bethesda, MD 20892-2143
Fax: 301-480-0108
Please see the Quick Reference Guide and Frequently Asked Questions for additional login help.  If you have any questions, please contact us at (301) 402-9755 or