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In the PIV process, the Sponsor acts on behalf of NIH to request an Applicant be issued an ID badge. Training must be completed and a signed certificate submitted to the HSPD-12 Program Office before a PIV Sponsor can request a badge for an Applicant.

Administrative Officers (AOs) who wish to obtain sponsor authority -- must complete the sponsor training and e-mail a copy of your signed certificate to Alex Salah at: Upon receipt of the certificate, Mr. Salah will authorize the AO as a Sponsor.  

Note: ONLY individuals with an Administrative Officer role in NED are eligible to be HHS ID Badge/PIV Card Sponsors. 

PIV Sponsor Training for NIH (PDF Document 16 Pages) (Slides & Certificate)   (Training time: 10 minutes) 

The Registrar is the individual or entity responsible for identity proofing the Applicant, ensuring the successful completion of the background checks, and approving the issuance of an HHS ID Badge (PIV Card) to the Applicant. 

The “Registrar” role is normally associated with Personnel Security and Suitability or Human Resources.

PIV Registrar Training (HHS PDF, 13 pages)

In the PIV process, the Issuer initializes and personalizes ID badges at a PIV Card Issuing Facility (PCIF). For NIH, there are three PCIFs – the NIH Campus, Bethesda, MD; Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML), Hamilton, MT; and, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), Research Triangle Park, NC.

The Issuer delivers the badges to authorized Applicants (either directly or through a Remote Issuer). The badges are delivered only after the appropriate identity authentication and background checks on the Applicant have been completed.

•  PIV Issuer Training (HHS PDF, 12 pages)

Remote Issuer
In the PIV Process, the Remote Issuer is the individual or entity that issues an HHS ID Badge (PIV Card) to an Applicant unable to visit an agency's PIV Card Issuing Facility (PCIF). The Remote Issuer serves as a proxy to the Issuer by delivering ID Badges to authorized Applicants who are remote to a PCIF. 

The Remote Issuer is not located at or near a PCIF.  

PIV Remote Issuer Training (HHS PDF, 11 pages) 

Applicant Representative 
The Applicant Representative represents the interests of current or prospective federal employees, contractors, and affiliates who are Applicants for ID badges.

PIV Applicant Representative Training (HHS PDF, 11 pages)

These training modules were developed through the cooperative efforts of all the agencies in the Department of Health and Human Services.

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