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Lifecycle Work Station (LWS) Training

How to Verify Fingerprints using an LWS

With the Lifecycle Work Station (LWS), individuals no longer have to visit a DPSAC issuance station or local security office for common smart card maintenance (including certificate renewals and PIN resets). Staff designated by an IC are able to reset smart card PINs and update certificates locally after minimal training. 

​For the full directory of LWS operators, please click here

LWS Training Manual and Video

Step-by-step instructions on the use of the LWS for resetting PINs and updating digital certificates are available both in PowerPoint and video formats. To view the PowerPoint training slides, please click on this training guide link. You may also view our LWS Training video here, which will show how to reset PINs and Update certificates using the Lifecycle Work Station (LWS). (Run time: 3 minutes 46 seconds) ​

If you encounter an error that is not addressed in the training aid, please contact the Deloitte Help Desk directly at: hhsidentityadmins@DELOITTE.com.

How to Verify Fingerprints Using an LWS

If you are a Lifecycle Work Station user having difficulty verifying an individual’s fingerprints during a PIN reset or other LWS function, the following tips may be helpful:

  • Be sure the applicant’s fingers are clean and dry.
  • Clean the verifier.
  • Attempt to verify using the other finger.
  • Apply PreScan to the applicant’s fingertips, if available.
  • Apply lotion to the applicant’s fingertips.
  • Have the applicant move their finger up higher or down lower on the verifier.
  • Have the applicant wash their hands.
  • Have the applicant place their left finger on the verifier but select the right finger, and vice versa.
  • Have the applicant stand up or sit down (the opposite of whatever they have been doing).
  • Restart the computer.

If you complete all of these steps and still need assistance, you may call the HSPD-12 Help Desk at: 301-402-9755

If all avenues have been exhausted and the individual's fingerprints still can't be verified, s/he may need to re-enroll and receive a new HHS ID Badge (PIV Card) so that his or her fingerprints match those on the card.