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DIS COVID-19 Information

DIS staff are committed to providing resources and guidance to the FDA community during this challenging time.

Please refer to this DIS webpage for important information regarding the impact of COVID-19 on FDA visiting scientists. These resources will be updated as new developments arise.

Take Care, 

Candelario Zapata, Director, DIS

DIS Guidance

DIS sends alerts and newsletters via our listservs for scientists, administrators, and sponsors at the FDA. A compilation of our COVID-19 alerts for the FDA community can be accessed below:

Travel Guidance

DIS discourages international travel for all foreign national trainees and employees at this time.

If you depart the U.S., you may have difficulty returning as planned due to U.S. travel restrictions. New travel restrictions could also be implemented with little or no warning. If you need to obtain a new visa while abroad, you may experience delays in scheduling a visa appointment or visa processing.

If you must travel internationally:

  • Review DIS Travel guidance.
  • Review the U.S. Department of State COVID-19 Country Specific Information.
  • Discuss the travel risks with your lab sponsor.
  • Follow the CDC COVID testing requirement for international travelers.
  • Follow current FDA guidance on return to work after travel.
  • If you need a new visa or will be visiting an area subject to travel restrictions, contact your embassy to confirm next steps and any special requirements.
    • Scientists subject to geographic U.S. travel restrictions may be eligible for an exception, particularly if your research is related to the containment or mitigation of COVID-19.
    • If your embassy requires additional documentation for the exception request, email

Governmental Updates

Refer to these webpages for COVID-19 updates from various U.S. federal agencies and departments impacting FDA visiting scientists:

Feel free to contact us at with any questions.

Revised 05/2021

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