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Learn More About ORS Services for NIH Intramural Scientists​ 


ORS and CREx are sponsoring a series of webinars on services available to intramural researchers:

  • Mass spectrometry services (October 27, 2021): Recording, Slides​
  • Veterinary services (planned for January/February 2022)​

Presentation on Research Services from ORS

The NIH Office of Research Services (ORS) is offering a presentation on key services to IRP Laboratories or research-related groups. We anticipate the presentation will be about 30 minutes and could be included in a regular lab or journal club meeting. To anticipate the resources needed by researchers in the Intramural Research Program (IRP), the ORS completed an assessment in 2018. The assessment included senior scientist interviews, focus groups with early career scientists, and a survey of the IRP community. One finding stood out among the results: researchers at all levels lacked awareness of many of the services and resources offered by the ORS. Similarly, they lack knowledge of the resource discovery tool, CREx

To address the lack of awareness, ORS is offering a presentation on key services and resources, including CREx, to laboratories or research-related groups in the intramural research community. Data from presentations conducted to date suggest that they increase both awareness and usage of ORS services among researchers. 

Services described in the presentation include:

The NIH Library may be best known for its online journals, e-books, and databases, but also includes research tools such as high-performance workstations and analysis tools, 3D printing support, manuscript editing, and professional support for systematic reviews. Many training opportunities are offered by the NIH Library both in person and online. A complete listing can be found on the NIH Library web site.

 The Division of Occupational Health and Safety (DOHS), responsible for developing and implementing NIH-wide safety and health programs, emphasizes prevention, surveillance, consultation, training and education. Featured services include the stocking of biological safety cabinets, integrated pest management, and ergonomic evaluations. A full description of available services can be found in CREx  and on theDOHS website.

The Division of Radiation Safety (DRS), reached through CREx and through their website is focused on safety, regulatory guidance, and risk management support to any NIH employee working with radioactive materials. DRS offers training, lab contamination surveys, and safe, secure shipping services. 

The Division of Scientific Equipment and Instrumentation Services (DSEIS) serves as an on-campus source for lab equipment when either buying, renting, or scheduling maintenance. More information and contacts can be found through CREx or the DSEIS website.

Animal care is centrally managed under the Division of Veterinary Resources (DVR), an AAALAC accredited program accessible through CREx, and their website. DVR manages a major part of the animal facility space at the NIH for all species, providing daily clinical oversight, and surgical and technical support to the NIH Intramural Program. DVR animal behaviorists offer expertise and consultations to NIH veterinarians and investigators, to enrich environments and ensure the psychological well-being of research animals.

Medical Arts is an in-house creative studio offering services in medical illustration, visual communication, and production. The full range of Medical Arts services can be found in CREx and on their website with contact information. 

​Schedule a Prese​ntation

If laboratories in the Intramural Research Program would like to maximize the value of services offered to them by ORS, and how they can be discovered in CREx, contact Keith Cogdill​ to schedule a presentation on services and resources for NIH scientists.​​


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