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P-1 Entrance and Exit to Clinical Center Parking Closed​​​

The construction of the new 11-story Surgery, Radiology and Laboratory Medicine (SRLM) addition to the Clinical Center will have major implications for the northwest portion of the Bethesda Campus.


In January, the Center Drive at Old Georgetown Road entrance/exit closed until approximately Summer 2028 as part of the SRLM construction. On Monday, March 6, 2023, the upper portion of Convent Drive (currently one-way) will close for vehicles and pedestrians, requiring the P-1 entrance/exit for Clinical Center visitor parking to close. Please note, only the P-1 entrance/exit will close and parking will still be available on the P-1 level via P-3. All hospital patients and visitors will be encouraged to use valet parking or the P-3 entrance/exit on Memorial Drive. The P-3 entrance to Clinical Center parking will be open 24 hours per day/7 days a week.


The following graphic depicts what the northwest portion of campus will look like from March 6, 2023 – Summer 2028:

 MAp march 6.png

Map of the northwest portion of NIH Bethesda Campus showing roadway and parking changes due to construction.

Convent Drive (Upper Portion) Closure on March 6 – Important Changes:

  • Early Morning Access to Building 10 ACRF Parking – once the P-1 entrance closes, P-3 will see an influx of visitor traffic, particularly during the morning rush. To offset, during the hours of 5:30am – 9:30am both lanes of traffic will be inbound only. No vehicles will be allowed to exit except in an emergency. If you need to depart during those hours, please park in MLP-9 or another lot. A queuing lane for vehicle inspection and COVID-19 safety checks will be utilized along the frontage road north of the Clinical Center CRC. P-3 will be open for entering and exiting 24 hours per day/7 days a week except during this weekday morning rush period when it's entrance only
  • Access to Other Lots on Memorial Drive During Weekday Morning Rush During the 5:30am – 9:30am period, Monday – Fridays, any vehicle parking in other lots along Memorial Drive, such as Lots 4, 5 and 1B, should enter Memorial Drive from the south, off South Drive. Only those vehicles entering P-3 will be allowed to enter Memorial Drive from the north, and only as part of a queuing lane forming north of the CRC
  • Other Parking Options – although MLP-9 and the ACRF underground parking will continue to be available, employees working in Building 10 are encouraged to take advantage of the Building 10 Express Shuttle weekdays from 6:30am – 9:50am and 4:30pm – 7:30pm between Lots 41 and 42 and the Building 10 South Entrance
  • Access to MLP-9 Parking Garage – for Building 10 staff, access to MLP-9 from Convent Drive available from the south only (inbound and outbound). To confirm, access to MLP-9 is available from the south via South Drive and Lincoln Drive
  • Access to Northwest Child Care Center (Building 23) Parking Lot – the access road to the nearby child care center parking lot has moved to the opposite end of the lot
  • New Visitor Parking – Lot 18, a new visitor parking lot with 104 spaces opened on March 1; located on the south side of campus near Lot 41, serviced by the Campus and Campus Limited Shuttle Routes

​Additional Changes:

  • Pedestrian Access - pedestrian access at Center Drive/Old Georgetown Road is closed. Nearby access includes the portal to the north behind the fire house and the entrance/exit at South Drive; inside of campus, a detour route will be developed from Old Georgetown Road to the Clinical Center
  • Vehicle Access for Old Georgetown Road Entrances/Exits – new expanded hours
    • Lincoln Drive: 5am – 9pm, Monday – Friday; Weekends/Holidays 6am – 4pm, entrance and exit
    • South Drive: 6am – 7pm, Monday – Friday, entrance and exit
  • Access to Safra Lodge (Building 65), Buildings 60 and 61 – near the entrance at South Drive and Old Georgetown Road, a new roadway is available to access these buildings from the south; signage will direct visitors to this location


There will be an increased police presence, with patrol vehicles at key intersections during the morning and evening rush hours to keep traffic flowing efficiently and safely for all. Signage throughout the Bethesda campus has been updated and will continue in early 2023 to reflect these new parking and traffic options, detour routes, closures and general wayfinding, particularly to assist patients and visitors. Please be patient, drive safely and watch for pedestrians.


The SRLM is a major construction project that will further enhance the research capabilities and patient experience at NIH. But, no doubt, it will require sacrifice and modifications to commuting routines for many employees. The Office of Research Facilities, the Office of Research Services and the Clinical Center are confident the series of mitigation strategies implemented will minimize traffic and parking disruptions.


For more information about additional parking and traffic changes associated with the SRLM and other construction on the NIH campus, please visit the BuildingforAll website.


For questions, please contact:


Traffic, parking and access - Office of Research Services at or 301-594-6677


SRLM and other construction projects - the Office of Research Facilities at

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