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Celebrate National Yoga Month.
For a full list of events, please visit
September is National Yoga Month! The purpose of this month is to promote the health benefits of yoga and inspire a healthy lifestyle. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), many individuals practice yoga to maintain their health and wellbeing, improve physical fitness, relieve stress, and enhance their quality of life.
This month will feature yoga events and free classes, including:
  • "Yoga Techniques to Help Alleviate Stress" by Ms. Sandra Scarbrough, M.A., M.S. Yoga Therapy, E-RYT 500. Ms. Scarbrough will introduce yoga techniques in this webinar, such as breath work, yoga poses, and a variety of meditation practices aimed at increasing relaxation and reducing stress.
  • "The Science of Yoga" by Lanay M. Mudd, Ph.D., Program Director at NCCIH. In this webinar, Dr. Mudd will discuss the history of yoga practices and purported benefits, while providing highlights of the existing evidence for yoga health benefits from NCCIH-funded studies.
  • Sunrise Yoga. Take a sunrise yoga class to get a peaceful start to your day at both on and off campus locations.
These events are open to all NIH staff. However, please obtain your supervisor's approval if interested in attending events that occur during your work hours.
The National Yoga Month observance at NIH is sponsored by the Office of Research Services (ORS), Division of Amenities and Transportation Services (DATS) in partnership with the NIH Health and Wellness Council, Recreation and Welfare Association (R&W) Fitness Program, and NCCIH.
For information on all things wellness at NIH, visit: Individuals who need reasonable accommodations to participate in this event should contact Shuntrice Holloman at or 301-402-8981.   
For more fitness and wellbeing information, visit: The DATS manages other NIH LISTSERVs that may be of interest to you, which you can find at: 

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