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About OAM

The Office of Administrative Management is responsible for the direction, coordination and conduct of administrative management activities and services provided to ORS and ORF. OAM accomplishes its mission by providing assistance in the areas of general administration, workforce planning and development, communications, and space management. Staff within the OAM advise the Director, ORS, the Director, ORF, and ORS/ORF Division Directors on developments in administrative management and their implications and effects on program management. OAM also develops and maintains policies on administrative management, and prepares and issues procedures and guidelines for implementation of administrative policies, delegations, and requirements. OAM also serves as the ORS/ORF focal point for the coordination, preparation, and analysis of a wide variety of administrative management reports and other documents required by the NIH and DHHS. Finally, OAM provides central ORS/ORF guidance, direction and oversight on a number of organizational and workforce initiatives including competitive sourcing activities and administrative consolidation.