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Work-Life@NIH: A Workforce Guide to Workplace Well-being Webinar, an ORS-OHR Partnership

The NIH workforce is unique (58 percent are female, 51 percent are over the age of 50, and more than half are federal employees. It is also complex, and driven by curiosity, creativity and dedication. You may be wondering how the NIH can meet the work and family needs of its workforce. It is through a partnership between the Office of Research Services (ORS) and the Office of Human Resources (OHR).

The 2012 Life@NIH Survey results highlighted the lack of supervisor training and employee awareness of the work-life programs available to the NIH community, as well as an increasing need for adult/elder care services. The ORS and OHR developed the "Work-Life@NIH: A Supervisor's Guide to Enhancing Workforce Well-Being" training to be offered quarterly, and expanded programs to increase adult/elder care services.

This year, to increase awareness, the ORS and OHR have partnered with the NIH Blueprint Neuroscience Project to sponsor the 2019 National Work and Family Month. For more information, select:

As part of the more than 20 events scheduled for the month, the ORS and OHR are excited the launch a new webinar: "Work-Life@NIH: A Workforce Guide to Workplace Well-being." To view this webinar and learn about work-life programs available to NIH trainees and fellows, contractors, Commission Corps and federal employees, select:

This presentation will define well-being and provide a five-section toolkit that includes financial, physical, social, community, and career resources. You can find the toolkit at:

Awareness is the first step in getting the help you need. These services are available to assist you with work, family responsibilities, and being a healthier YOU! To access the NIH Workforce Resource Eligibility Matrix, point your web browser to:

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