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Update on the NIH COVID-19 Vaccination Program

The vaccination of NIH staff for COVID-19 began this week. Although NIH received a limited supply, we plan to inoculate hundreds of frontline healthcare workers over the next several weeks.

Vaccinations are by invitation only. Prioritization of healthcare staff is based on risk of workplace exposure and risk of transmission to others in the workplace. Prioritization also follows general guidance from the CDC: All staff, including contractors and fellows, are eligible to receive the vaccine within their respective priority group.

The vaccine will be administered through Occupational Medical Service (OMS). OMS will notify specific employees once vaccine is available and they are eligible to receive it. Your invitation will arrive by email from "OMSCovidVaccineProgram" ( Please check your email regularly for this important message. Once an employee receives an invitation, the individual has three options:

  • Accept
  • Defer - won't lose designation in priority group.
  • Decline – will be removed from priority group.

The Moderna vaccine NIH received is administered in two doses, given 28 days apart. Plan ahead to ensure, once you register, you are able to keep your scheduled appointment. With a limited supply and short shelf life, a 'no show' risks wasting valuable vaccine. Employees will receive a reminder message to schedule to receive their second dose.

The email invitation will include:

  1. A link to schedule your vaccination appointment.
  2. Information on the vaccine, including the FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) factsheet.
  3. Voluntary informational session to explain the vaccine, EUA and reporting expectations.
  4. An available private consult with OMS to go over any questions or concerns.

The NIH continues to work with the State of Maryland and other states where NIH has a presence, such as North Carolina (RTP) and Montana (RML), with the intent of providing additional timelines and information once more vaccine becomes available.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we begin this encouraging next step towards ending the pandemic.

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