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ORS News2Use - Fall 2021 - Photography Requests, 'Contactless' NIH Library, Amenities Update, and More​

The ORS News2Use newsletter is published quarterly by the Office of Research Services (ORS), providing pertinent information and updates about ORS services to the NIH community. To view the entire newsletter, select:

Photography Requests at NIH.

Do you need a passport photo? What about an official portrait or a headshot for your organization's webpage? Are you hosting an event and need photography support? All requests for photos are handled through NIH Photography in the Events Management Branch Multimedia Section.

Contactless Pickup Now Available at the NIH Library.

Contactless pickup service is now available for print/physical materials. Requested items that are available online will still be delivered electronically.

NIH Amenities Update.

What changes can you expect to see the next time you visit Masur Auditorium? Want to stay fit during the holiday season? Get these updates and more on staff amenities.

I AM ORS Fall 2021.

The Office of Research Services (ORS) is comprised of a diverse portfolio of services that support the NIH mission. In this section - I AM ORS, we showcase the exceptional employees behind these vital programs.

Radiation Safety Lab Numbering Explained.

If you're an Authorized User and you've ever been confused about the list of labs assigned to you on your monthly DRS report, this explanation should help.

2021 USPS Holiday Season Price Increase.

This year the U.S. Postal Service will institute a temporary price increase for their retail parcel products for the 2021 peak holiday season. Price increases went into effect on October 3, 2021 and will remain in place until December 26, 2021.

Annual Training Inspires Employee Courage, Renewal and Wellness.

While this accomplishment is commendable and a source of pride among Division of International Services (DIS) staff, it is understandable that after such an abrupt period of change in all areas of life, there would be a certain level of fatigue. In recognition of the efforts that the DIS staff has made, and in keeping with the larger theme of "Self-Care and Wellness" adopted by the NIH, DIS reinstated its annual training for staff on October 27 with a theme of Courage, Renewal and Wellness.

NRC Inspection Completed NIH Awaiting Final Report.

Radiation Safety staff and stakeholders attending the exit briefing were pleased to hear the inspectors share phrases like "excellent and strong safety culture" and "robust safety discussions" and "pro-active and preventative culture of safety."

Learn How the NIH Library Can Help You in This Quick Video.

Did you know that the NIH Library has an extensive training program for NIH staff? Or we provide remote access to bioinformatics and data science tools?

Federal Relay Transitions November 2021.

Effective November 15, 2021, the GSA FedRelay contract with Sprint expires, and the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) program will begin to fund five of the seven services.

Trash Talking - Important Reasons Not to Leave Food in Wastebaskets and Other Integrated Pest Management Tips.

The smell of food on items such as wrappings, yogurt containers, beverage cans and napkins, becomes even stronger over time and attracts pests including mice, ants, flies and cockroaches to the workspace.

Holiday Decorating Guidance.

The NIH Fire Marshal wishes everyone a safe and enjoyable winter holiday season. To that end, we are disseminating the following information to help us all celebrate safely here at the NIH. Much of this is equally appropriate for your home.

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